EE6302 Electromagnetic Theory (EMT)

Important Questions
1.Gauss & Apps ,Divergence***

2.Coordinate problems

3.Electric field intensity due to uniformly charged

1.Capacitance of parallel plate ***
2.Polarisation ***
3.Poisson and Laplace's equations
4.boundary conditions
1.Boundary conditions for magnetic field
2.Magnetic field intensity due to Finite & Infinite ,circular coil,rectangular coil ,solenoid***
3.Co-Axial cable
1.Maxwell equations
2.Relation B/w Field theory /Circuit theory , IƧ & I d
1. Poynting theorem

2.Electromagnetic wave Equation

Calculating potential in 2 unit problems

***Please read final equation and problem are expected much in this subject so do well


Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }

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UNIT I ELECTROSTATICS – I Sources and effects of electromagnetic fields – Coordinate Systems – Vector fields –Gradient,Divergence, Curl – theorems and applications - Coulomb‘s Law – Electric field intensity – Field due to discrete and continuous charges – Gauss‘s law and applications. UNIT II ELECTROSTATICS – II Electric potential – Electric field and equipotential plots, Uniform and Non-Uniform field, Utilization factor – Electric field in free space, conductors, dielectrics - Dielectric polarization - Dielectric strength - Electric field in multiple dielectrics – Boundary conditions, Poisson‘s and Laplace‘s equations, Capacitance, Energy density, Applications. UNIT III MAGNETOSTATICS Lorentz force, magnetic field intensity (H) – Biot–Savart‘s Law - Ampere‘s Circuit Law – H due to straight conductors, circular loop, infinite sheet of current, Magnetic flux density (B) – B in free space,conductor, magnetic materials – Magnetization, Magnetic field in multiple media – Boundary conditions, scalar and vector potential, Poisson‘s Equation, Magnetic force, Torque, Inductance, Energy density, Applications. UNIT IV ELECTRODYNAMIC FIELDS Magnetic Circuits - Faraday‘s law – Transformer and motional EMF – Displacement current - Maxwell‘s equations (differential and integral form) – Relation between field theory and circuit theory –Applications. UNIT V ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES Electromagnetic wave generation and equations – Wave parameters; velocity, intrinsic impedance, propagation constant – Waves in free space, lossy and lossless dielectrics, conductors- skin depth -Poynting vector – Plane wave reflection and refraction – Standing Wave – Applications.
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