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UNIT -1 1. EEG 2. ECG 3. Bio potential electrodes (Full topic)** UNIT-2 (all types in below topic) 2.lung volume 1. Blood flow 3.Blood pressure** Rare analyser UNIT-3 1. Oxygen generators 2. Pacemakers** 3. Defibrilator ** UNIT-4 1. Diathe…

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Bio control System (BM8501)

Unit 1 open and close loop system,flow graph fully ,block diagram  Unit 2 root locus,step and impulse response of frst and second order Unit 3 Bode ,polar ,Nyquist stability criteria  Unit 4 heart model,lung tissue ststic analysis, regulations of v…

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Hello all  Happy to see you all  Hope you all doing good  It's exam time again  So many texting me about providing important questions Before all semester I'll be posting questions before a day but as many asking now I'll be posting asa…

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