OCY751 Waste Water treatment


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OCY751 Waste Water management

Unit 1
1.physical,chemical ,biological processes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment
2.Aeration and gas transfer - coagulation and flocculation, coagulation processes stability of colloids, clariflocculation
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1. Filtration size, design considerations shape characteristics
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2. Water softening fully
1. Taste and odour control
2.im and manganese removal
3.corrosion prevention and control
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1. pre and primary treatment
2. anaerobic decomposition, biological oxidation
1. Chemical process, adsorption, theory of adsorption, ion exchange process,chemical oxidation

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
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UNIT I WATER QUALITY AND PRELIMINARY TREATMENT Water Quality-physical- chemical and biological parameters of water- water quality
requirement -potable water standards -wastewater effluent standards -water quality indices Water purification systems in natural systems- physical processes-chemical processes and biological processes primary, secondary and tertiary treatment-Unit operations-un processes. Mixing, clarification -sedimentation; Types; aeration and gas transfer - coagulation and flocculation, coagulation processes stability of colloids - destabilization of colloids- transport of colloidal particles, clariflocculation.
Filtration size and shape characteristics of filtering media sand filters hydraulics of filtration-design considerations - radial, upflow, highrate and multimedia filters, pressure filter. Water softening - lime soda, zeolite and demineralization processes - industrial Water
treatment for boilers.
Taste and odour control - adsorption-activated carbon treatment - removal of color - im and manganese removal - aeration, oxidation, ion exchange and other methods = effects of fluorides - fluoridation and defluoridation-desalination - corrosion prevention and control-
factors influencing corrosion-Langelier index-corrosion control measures.
Wastewater treatment - pre and primary treatment - equalization neutralization screening and grid removal - sedimentation oil separation gas stripping of volatile organics - biological oxidation - lagoons and stabilization basins - aerated lagoons - activated sludge process-trickling filtration - anaerobic decomposition.
Chemical process - adsorption - theory of adsorption - ion exchange process - chemical oxidation - advanced oxidation process - sludge handling and disposal - miscellaneous treatment processes.

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