EC8691Microprocessor and micro controller (MPMC)

 EC8691Microprocessor and micro controller (MPMC) 

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1.Architecture of 8086***
2.Addressing modes 8086
3.Interrupt handling ***
4.ALP program for BCD,any other basic operations (+,-,×,÷}
1.Minimum ,maximum mode of 8086
2.System bus timing
3.Multiprocessor configurations **
1.D/A and A/D Interface
2.Interrupt controller
3.DMA **
4.Traffic Light control
1.Architecture of 8051**
2.Addressing modes for 8051
3.Special Function Registers(SFRs)
1.Stepper motor control **
2.Different modes of operation
3.Serial port
4.Comparison of Microprocessor, Microcontroller, PIC and ARM processors****

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
mostly asked from unit 2&5(OR) a situation given and you have to answer on your own

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UNIT I THE 8086 MICROPROCESSOR Introduction to 8086 — Microprocessor architecture — Addressing modes — Instruction set and assembler directives — Assembly language programming — Modular Programming — Linking and Relocation — Stacks — Procedures — Macros — Interrupts and interrupt service routines — Byte and String Manipulation. UNIT II 8086 SYSTEM BUS STRUCTURE 8086 signals — Basic configurations — System bus timing –System design using 8086 — I/O programming — Introduction to Multiprogramming — System Bus Structure — Multiprocessor configurations — Coprocessor, Closely coupled and loosely Coupled configurations — Introduction to advanced processors. UNIT III I/O INTERFACING Memory Interfacing and I/O interfacing — Parallel communication interface — Serial communication interface — D/A and A/D Interface — Timer — Keyboard /display controller — Interrupt controller — DMA controller — Programming and applications Case studies: Traffic Light control, LED display , LCD display, Keyboard display interface and Alarm Controller. UNIT IV MICROCONTROLLER Architecture of 8051 — Special Function Registers(SFRs) — I/O Pins Ports and Circuits — Instruction set — Addressing modes — Assembly language programming. UNIT V INTERFACING MICROCONTROLLER Programming 8051 Timers — Serial Port Programming — Interrupts Programming — LCD & Keyboard Interfacing — ADC, DAC & Sensor Interfacing — External Memory Interface- Stepper Motor and Waveform generation — Comparison of Microprocessor, Microcontroller, PIC and ARM processors
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