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1.Robot Parts and Functions,Need for Robots ,Different Applications
2.Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Joint Notations, Speed of Motion
1.Internal Grippers and External Grippers; Selection and Design Considerations
2.D.C. Servo Motors, Stepper Motor, A.C. Servo Motors
1.Position of sensors

2.Proximity Sensors 
Processing and Analysis,Edge detection, Segmentation Feature Extraction and ObjectRecognition - Algorithms
1.Forward Kinematics and Reverse Kinematics
2.Two, Three Degrees of Freedom
3.Robot programming Languages,VAL Programming may be part c 
rare Motion Commands, Sensor Commands
1.Pay back Method, EUAC Method, Rate of Return Method.
2.Safety Considerations Operations,Economic Analysis of Robots

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
mostly asked from unit 2, 5(OR) a situation given and you have to answer on your own

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Robot - Definition - Robot Anatomy - Co ordinate Systems, Work Envelope Types and
Classification- Specifications-Pitch, Yaw, Roll, Joint Notations, Speed of Motion, Pay Load- Robot
Parts and their Functions-Need for Robots-Different Applications.
Pneumatic Drives-Hydraulic Drives-Mechanical Drives-Electrical Drives-D.C. Servo Motors, Stepper 
Motors, A.C. Servo Motors-Salient Features, Applications and Comparison of all these Drives, End 
Effectors-Grippers-Mechanical Grippers, Pneumatic and Hydraulic- Grippers, Magnetic Grippers, 
Vacuum Grippers; Two Fingered and Three Fingered Grippers; Internal Grippers and External 
Grippers; Selection and Design Considerations.
Requirements of a sensor, Principles and Applications of the following types of sensors- Position 
sensors - Piezo Electric Sensor, LVDT, Resolvers, Optical Encoders, pneumatic Position Sensors, 
Range Sensors Triangulations Principles, Structured, Lighting Approach, Time of Flight, Range 
Finders, Laser Range Meters, Touch Sensors ,binary Sensors., Analog Sensors, Wrist Sensors, 
Compliance Sensors, Slip Sensors, Camera, Frame Grabber, Sensing and Digitizing Image Data-
Signal Conversion, Image Storage, Lighting Techniques, Image Processing and Analysis-Data 
Reduction, Segmentation, Feature Extraction, Object Recognition, Other Algorithms, Applications-
Inspection, Identification, Visual Serving and Navigation.

UNIT IV ROBOT KINEMATICS AND ROBOT PROGRAMMING Forward Kinematics, Inverse Kinematics and Difference; Forward Kinematics and Reverse Kinematics of manipulators with Two, Three Degrees of Freedom (in 2 Dimension), Four Degrees of freedom (in 3 Dimension) Jacobians, Velocity and Forces-Manipulator Dynamics, Trajectory Generator, Manipulator Mechanism Design-Derivations and problems. Lead through Programming, Robot programming Languages-VAL Programming-Motion Commands, Sensor Commands, End Effector commands and simple Programs. UNIT V IMPLEMENTATION AND ROBOT ECONOMICS RGV, AGV; Implementation of Robots in Industries-Various Steps; Safety Considerations for Robot Operations - Economic Analysis of Robots.

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