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Unit 1
1.Soil conservation in India-Erosion-Agents - Causes Mechanics of water erosion, problems
2.Types of water erosion full topic
Unit 2
1.SCS-CN method Evolution of Universal Soil Loss Eqn and modified eqn
2.Classification of eroded soils
Unit 3
1.Grassed waterways
2.Agronomic practices,Bunding
Unit 4
1. Farm ponds fully or
2. Water harvesting principles and techniques
Unit 5
1.Types of sediment load,Silt Detention Tanks-sediment control methods

2.Basics Factors affecting sediment distribution pattern

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
mostly asked from unit 2, 5(OR) a situation given and you have to answer on your own

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Approaches to soil conservation-Soil conservation in India-Erosion-Agents - Causes Mechanics of water erosion- Soil erosion problems - Types of water erosion Raindrop erosion, Sheet erosion, Rill erosion, Gully erosion, Stream bank erosion-Classification of Gully-Gully Control Structures: Drop Spillway. Drop Inlet, Chute Spillways-Prerequisites for soil and water conservation measures

UNIT II ESTIMATION OF SOIL EROSION Runoff computation for soil conservation SCS-CN method Evolution of Universal Soil Loss Equation: Applications and Limitations -Modified Universal Soil Lois Equation-Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation- Permissible erosion-Land use capability classification - Classification of eroded soils. UNIT III EROSION CONTROL MEASURES Agronomic practices: contour cultivation strip cropping - tillage practices Soil management practices Bunding: Types and design specifications - Mechanical measures for hill slopes Terracing: Classification and design specification of bench terrace - Grassed waterways: Location construction and maintenance- Types of temporary and permanent gully control structures. UNIT IV WATER CONSERVATION MEASURES In-situ soil moisture conservation- Water harvesting principles and techniques: Micro catchments. catchment yield using morphometric analysis - Farm ponds: Components, Design, Construction and Protection-Check dams - Earthen dam-Retaining wall. UNIT V SEDIMENTATION
Sediment: Sources - Types of sediment load - Mechanies of sediment transport-Estimation of bed load Sediment Graph Reservoir sedimentation: Basics Factors affecting sediment distribution pattern. Rates of reservoir sedimentation Silt Detention Tanks-sediment control methods

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