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Unit 2

1. solar PV apps , fundamentals of solar photo voltaic conversion solar cells
2.Solar thermal collectors 
3. Instruments for measuring solar radiation and sun shine 
Unit 1
1. Indian energy scenariao in various sectors, future energy plans
2. conventional energy status , potential, global energy status
Unit 3
1.  Wind data and energy estimation -,Betz limit Site selection for windfarms

2. Horizontal and vertical axis windmills

3.Hybrid systems Environmental issues - Applications.

Unit 4

1.Types of biomass gasifiers Cogeneration Carbonisation, Pyrolysis Biogas plants
2. Biomass direct combustion-thermochemical conversion*
3. ethanol production
Unit 5 
1.OTEC (full topic)
2. types of geothermal power plant

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
mostly asked from unit 2, 5(OR) a situation given and you have to answer on your own

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Unit -1
Indian energy scenario in various sectors - domestic, industrial, commercial, agriculture, transportation and others Present conventional energy status - Present renewable energy status- Potential of various renewable energy sources-Global energy status-Per capita energy consumption- Future energy plans

Solar radiation Measurements of solar radiation and sunshine - Solar spectrum Solar thermal collectors Flat plate and concentrating collectors Solar thermal applications Solar thermal energy storage Fundamentals of solar photo voltaic conversion Solar cells Solar PV Systems Solar PV applications.

Wind data and energy estimation - Betz limit Site selection for windfarms-characteristics - Wind resource assessment - Horizontal axis wind turbine-components - Vertical axis wind turbine-Wind turbine generators and its performance - Hybrid systems Environmental issues - Applications.

Bio resources - Biomass direct combustion-thermochemical conversion-biochemical conversion- mechanical conversion Biomass gasifier Types of biomass gasifiers Cogeneration Carbonisation - Pyrolysis Biogas plants - Digesters-Biodiesel production - Ethanol production. Applications.

Small hydro Tidal energy Wave energy Open and closed OTEC Cycles - Limitations Geothermal energy - Geothermal energy sources - Types of geothermal power plants - Applications- Environmental impact.
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