EE8701 High Voltage Engineering (HVE)




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EE8701 High Voltage Engineering (HVE)

1.Mechanism of Lightning 
2.Different methods of protection against over voltages**
3. Charge formation of clouds **
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1.Townsend theorem**
2.Various mechanism of breakdown in Liquid,composite,solid  materials
1.Generation of High Voltage Impulse currents **
2.Resonant Transformer,Tesla coil**
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3.Generation of High voltage DC (Van de Graff)**
1.Methods to measure High impulse current ,High power frequency AC **
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1.Testing of insulators,Circuit breakers,Transformers ** 

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1.Compulsory Questions {a case study where the student will have to read and analyse the subject }
mostly asked from unit 2, 5(OR) a situation given and you have to answer on your own

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Causes of over voltages and its efects on power system – Lightning, switching surges and temporary over voltages, Corona and its efects – Bewley latice diagram- Protection against over voltages.
Properties of Dielectric materials – Gaseous breakdown in uniform and non-uniform fields – Corona discharges – Vacum breakdown – Conduction and breakdown in pure and commercial liquids, Maintenance of oil Quality – Breakdown mechanisms in solid and composite dielectrics- Aplications of insulating materials in electrical equipments.

UNIT III GENERATION OF HIGH VOLTAGES AND HIGH CURRENTS Generation of High DC voltage: Rectifers, voltage multipliers, vandigraf generator: generation of high impulse voltage: single and multistage Marx circuits – generation of high AC voltages: cascaded transformers, resonant transformer and tesla coil- generation of switching surges – generation of impulse curents – Trigering and control of impulse generators. UNIT IV MEASUREMENT OF HIGH VOLTAGES AND HIGH CURRENTS High Resistance with series ammeter – Dividers, Resistance, Capacitance and Mixed dividers – Peak Voltmeter, Generating Voltmeters – Capacitance Voltage Transformers, Electrostatic Voltmeters – Sphere Gaps – High curent shunts- Digital techniques in high voltage measurement. UNIT V HIGH VOLTAGE TESTING & INSULATION COORDINATION High voltage testing of electrical power aparatus as per International and Indian standards – Power frequency, impulse voltage and DC testing of Insulators, circuit breakers, bushing, isolators and transformers- Insulation Cordination& testing of cabiltys.

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